Protection and Reality

Forrest Gump’s mother famously likened life to a box of chocolates, as you never know what you’re going to get. Never a truer word was spoken – none of us knows what is round the corner and time and unforeseen circumstances befall us all.

However, by the use of statistical analysis we can establish what might be in store for us and we have therefore teamed up with Liverpool Victoria (“LV”) to produce a calculator that seeks to estimate, based on probability, what life could have in store. This isn’t designed to frighten you but to enlighten you to the real risks of being off work for the longer term, suffering a serious illness or dying unexpectedly.

This should not be taken as a recommendation to use LV – the fact is that there are many insurers and a careful analysis of your needs, the type and level of cover – not to mention an assessment of the cost of providing said cover – is essential. However, if the tool opens your eyes to the fact that you might be in need of cover, it is a start; for more information, talk to us!

To access the “Risk Reality Calculator”, click HERE

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