Dr. B. and Mrs. A. of Abingdon, Oxfordshire (25/04/2024): “We are eternally grateful for your continued loyalty, professionalism, support, effort and advice at all times. Always a helpful friendly approach and nothing too much trouble.”

Mr. and Mrs. H. of Clitheroe, Lancashire (23/04/2024): “My wife and I met Steve to discuss our financial situation. Nothing was rushed; we felt like we had as much time as we needed. Since then, all the paperwork has been provided in a timely manner and we have access to view the performance of our investments.”

Mr. M. of Clitheroe, Lancashire (21/03/2024): “The entire service is precisely what a modern private client requires, in every respect.”

Mrs. B. of Montrose, Angus (19/03/2024): “Very friendly and helpful financial support.”

Mr. T. of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire (25/09/2023): “The informal but very detailed and accurate approach is great.”

Mrs. B. of Southampton, Hampshire (14/09/2023): “Have confidence I am being given good advice by people who care and are always on hand to help.”

Mrs. E. of Nelson, Lancashire (05/06/2023): “I have been extremely happy with your services over many years, and particularly since my husband died, as it takes a great weight off my shoulders!!”

Mr. and Mrs. V. of Clitheroe, Lancashire (05/06/2023): “I am always assured by Steve’s experience and knowledge of the financial sector and value his guidance and advice enormously. Steve explains things in simple terms and makes things very easy to understand. I trust Steve’s sound judgement.”

Mr. and Mrs. F. of Bury, Greater Manchester (22/05/2023): “We are happy with the service and guidance you have provided over the years. We appreciate the way that complex things regarding the stockmarket have been explained to us in a way that we understand.”

Miss R. of Tonbridge, Kent (11/04/2023): “Friendly, patient – very understanding of my personal situation – professional and efficient. Also, and so very important, trustworthy, knowledgeable and with a lovely, personal touch. Thank you.”

Mrs. N. of Colne, Lancashire (28/03/2023): “Steve and the office staff are very friendly, knowledgable, helpful and efficient.”

Mr. R. of Hayward’s Heath, West Sussex (24/03/2023): “The financial service and advice at Ribble Wealth is provided in a very clear and informative manner resulting in a good understanding of my financial needs allowing me to get on with my retirement with financial confidence.”

Mr. and Mrs. B. of Barrowford, Lancashire (22/06/2022): “We may not be the biggest investors; however, this company has never made us feel small. We take your investment advice and it has paid dividends.”

Mr. T. of Blackpool, Lancashire (28/04/2022): “Excellent services, not only for me but historically with family members.”

Miss. R. of Blackburn, Lancashire (01/03/2022): “Steve responded super quick to my enquiry sent via VouchedFor. Received a phone call the same day and I met with Steve in person within 2 days. Steve was very helpful regarding some Inheritance Tax and Probate forms which he helped me complete and he is continuing to help me with my late father’s pensions. Steve is knowledgeable, friendly, quick to respond to queries and goes out of his way to help. His personal assistant Emma was welcoming, friendly and efficient. I would definitely recommend Steve and his company.”

Mr. B. of Eastbourne, East Sussex (22/02/2022): “Very pleased with all that you are doing with my pension fund and ISA. Glad that I can now relax as you have removed the stress of investing everything from me.”

Mrs. H. of Blackpool, Lancashire (17/02/2022): “Reassured that my finances are being invested in order to maximise as much as they can within my risk level agreed whilst being done so in the most tax efficient manner. I like the online facility that I can check my investment values whenever I wish.”

Mrs. S. of Colne, Lancashire (28/01/2022): “I appreciate your professional, respectful and yet friendly approach, clarity when discussing performance and risk as well as clarity of the follow up communications and recommendations.”

Mr. and Mrs. R. of Stockport, Lancashire (27/01/2022): “We greatly appreciate the help and support to the family over the many years from John, Steve and Emma.”

Mr. and Mrs. L. of Preston, Lancashire (25/01/2022): “I am extremely happy with the way you have helped me since you took over my portfolio.”

Mr. and Mrs. S. of Blackburn, Lancashire (12/01/2022): “Our financial advice has been second to none. The future forecasts given to us by Steve and our goals have been more than met. Never having taken financial advice before, we were quite apprehensive. However, Steve filled us with confidence and made sure we understood everything.”

Mrs. R. of Malmesbury, Wiltshire (08/12/2021): “Friendly service. Excellent advice. Careful management of accounts. Rapid response times to correspondence. “

Miss D. of Barnoldswick, Lancashire (25/11/2021): “Unpretentious and unintimidating. Happy to answer all questions. [Steve’s] impeccable appearance and professional knowledge assures you that he’s going to take as much care with your investments.”

Mr. L. of Preston, Lancashire (25/11/2021): “I am very happy with the service I get – efficient, helpful and friendly.”

Mr. and Mrs. S. of Nelson, Lancashire (24/11/2021): “We appreciate the personal and professional approach provided by Ribble Wealth Management and would recommend.”

Mr. and Mrs. S. of Worsley, Manchester (08/08/2021): “We have every confidence in the support we are given. The staff are friendly, extremely knowledgeable and explain carefully the advice they offer.”

Mr. W. of Burnley, Lancashire (07/07/2021): “It was a pleasure to meet Steve. I found him to be extremely down to earth, genuine, honest and thorough. I was reassured throughout our meeting that Steve’s main concern was what was best for my money. He explained everything fully, simply and wasn’t pushy or forceful at all. I have every faith that Steve will do his very best with the investment he is going to be looking after. Thank you very much Steve!”

Mr. and Mrs. C. of Macclesfield, Cheshire (14/06/2021): “Dave is very approachable, knowledgeable and very good company. Money is a subject close to everyone’s hearts and most people fret over how to manage it wisely. Dave gives us the peace of mind that, as a professional, he knows what he is doing and so inspires trust in his advice.”

Mr. and Mrs. F. of Bury, Lancashire (29/04/2021): ”We are very pleased with the service you provide. You keep us regularly informed about the progress of our investments and if we have any questions or require any information then you give us all the help we need.”

Mr. and Mrs. C. of Colne, Lancashire (19/04/2021): ”I feel that the service you give is really personal and you have improved my financial situation. Throughout the past difficult year your service has continued at the same high level. Approachable, professional, thorough & successful – thank you.”

Prof. D. of Manchester (13/04/2021): ”I find your concern and attention to detail come through in every interaction which I have with you.”

Mrs. D. of Accrington, Lancashire (16/03/2021): ”Excellent service from all the team… Good communication… A very safe pair of hands.”

Mr. and Mrs. H. of Skipton, Lancashire (16/03/2021): ”J. and I have always been very satisfied with your detailed advice. Could not have been successful without this. Excellent attention to detail. Most professional service which has paid dividends”

Ms. O. of Brighton, East Sussex (12/03/2021): ”There is NOTHING that I would want you to improve upon, because the service, diligence and professional expertise with which you deal with my affairs and portfolio of investments NEEDS NO IMPROVEMENT. You always act in my best interests. You are always pro-active in pointing out when and WHY changes need to be made to my portfolio. I feel secure in the knowledge that you are in the “driver’s seat” and looking after my best interests as ALL TIMES!”

Mr. and Mrs. H. of Blackburn, Lancashire (11/02/2021): ”Had outstanding service for many years.”

Mr. T. of Burnley, Lancashire (01/02/2021): ”I’m extremely happy with the service Steve, John and Emma provide.”

Mr. L. of Poynton, Cheshire (08/01/2021): ”I appreciate Ribble Wealth’s efficient, courteous, professional service.”

Mrs. N. of Clitheroe, Lancashire (04/01/2021): ”First class service all round – no other comment necessary.”

Mr. R. of Wigan, Greater Manchester (21/12/2020): ”We have been associated with the group for many years. We have got to know the staff, not just professionally but as friends of the family. Their advice and recommendations have proved sound and more than met our needs.”

Mr. M. of Cardiff, Glamorgan (15/12/2020): ”Really appreciated the translation from “pension speak” to something I could actually understand!”

Mrs. T. of Burnley, Lancashire (09/12/2020): ”I am happy with the service you provide. It always feels good to speak to someone and talk over things that may worry you.”

Mrs. F. of Clitheroe, Lancashire (24/11/2020): ”As always very helpful and informative “virtual” meeting with Steve.”

Mrs. R. of Leyland, Lancashire (18/11/2020): ”Excellent service and advice given in making decisions about my investments. Highly recommended by my husband and I will not hesitate to refer friends, family and colleagues.”

Mr. T. of Preston, Lancashire (10/11/2020): ”Friendly, down to earth advice – very approachable and nothing too much trouble.”

Mrs. L. of Doncaster, South Yorkshire (26/10/2020): ”I have found Steve from Ribble Wealth Management a total pleasure to deal with. His knowledge and professionalism has given me complete confidence that my finances are in safe hands and that is a great comfort to me. I would highly recommend him.”

Mr. C. of Whitby, North Yorkshire (22/10/2020): ”I feel very comfortable with the advice and service received from Dave and the team. In the two years that you have been managing my pension I have been happy with the overall result of gain to the portfolio.”

Mr. C. of Manchester (14/10/2020): ”I receive a first class service from Ribble Wealth Management.”

Mrs. H. of Blackpool, Lancashire (06/10/2020): ”Service is very prompt and professional. I feel very confident in my advisers.”

Mrs. W. of Burnley, Lancashire (23/09/2020): “I am happy for my investments to be in the care of Ribble Wealth Management, as I feel that they could not be in safer hands. I believe that Ribble Wealth Management does its utmost to make my investments work for me. I know that my funds are monitored on a regular basis, and appropriate and timely advice given accordingly to suit my own particular circumstances. They are professional, competent and effective, yet approachable and friendly. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ribble Wealth Management to family members and friends.”

Mr. and Mrs. W. of Burnley, Lancashire (10/09/2020): ”Simply excellent.”

Mr. and Mrs. S. of Nelson, Lancashire (02/09/2020): “We would like to thank Steve for his excellent management of our portfolio which has performed exceptionally well during these very uncertain times.”

Mr. and Mrs. G. of Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire (28/05/2020): “Mr. Crowe has been our adviser for some 20-25 years. We value his advice and guidance. He and Emma are always available to help us.”

Mr. and Mrs. D. of Accrington, Lancashire (20/05/2020): “Over the many, many years we have used this service we can only praise the service and advice given.”

Mr. and Mrs. L. of Blackburn, Lancashire (12/05/2020): “Steve is absolutely brilliant. What he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. He explains everything so clearly and is always so helpful. He is so efficient and anything he has done for us has always been with expediency. We would recommend him time and time again with pleasure for financial help and advice in every aspect.”

Mr. and Mrs. E. of Preston, Lancashire (12/02/2020): “Personal, friendly, approachable and helpful personnel at all levels of contact.”

Mr. and Mrs. L. of Preston, Lancashire (05/02/2020): “We have found your service second to none. The personal contact and advice, bearing in mind our situation, has been exceptionally helpful.”

Mr. and Mrs. S. of Manchester (20/11/2019): “We have every confidence in the advice we receive. Any aspects which are complex are explained carefully and fully.”

Prof. D. of Manchester (30/10/2019): “I have never found any reason to find fault with your services. I have extra confidence because it seems to me that you adopt a rational, logical and quantitative assessment of circumstances in making financial decisions which I consider to be exactly the right methodology.”

Mr. and Mrs. S. of Blackburn, Lancashire (23/10/2019): “We are very happy with the service provided. We have always found the staff at Ribble Wealth Management helpful and friendly and consider they provide a professional service.”

Mr. C. of Manchester (01/10/2019): “The combination of knowledge and expertise which exists at Ribble Wealth Management means I could not be happier with the service and advice I receive.”

Mr. and Mrs. C. of Wallasey, Merseyside (01/10/2019): “Great service – always feels like we are well looked after. Thanks to everyone at Ribble Wealth Management!”

Mr. and Mrs. T. of Bury, Lancashire (31/07/2019): “Down to earth, clear and well-explained advice. A pleasure to deal with.”

Mr. and Mrs. H. of Blackpool, Lancashire (22/07/2019): “We find Ribble Wealth to be very friendly but professional. They are very quick to respond to any queries by phone or email and are very efficient. We have been with Steve, John and Emma for a number of years and feel we are in very reliable hands.”

Mr. and Mrs. M. of Bury, Lancashire (12/07/2019): “Information given by Ribble Wealth Management Limited I find to be first class, as is the prompt and efficient service received by me from the company.”

Mr. L. of Barnoldswick, Lancashire (14/05/2019): “The heading says it all – Professionalism, Integrity and Trust. What more can you ask for?”

Mr. and Mrs. S. of Burnley, Lancashire (01/05/2019): “Very impressed with the professionalism of Steve Crowe and the team. The advice given was extremely helpful and with great attention to detail. Due to our current difficult personal circumstances at present, we were quite apprehensive about discussing our financial affairs but the care and attention to detail, along with a lovely personal touch, made us feel more relaxed and comfortable with our financial situation.”

Mrs. N. of Clitheroe, Lancashire (25/04/2019): “I just wanted to say thank you for looking after my investment fund so well. When I look at what I put in a few years ago, and all the bad news everywhere that makes you think that the world is falling apart, and then look at what it is worth on today’s valuation that Emma sent to me, I have to say that I have done well and am continuing to do so. I am glad it is in your hands.”

Mr. J. of Clitheroe, Lancashire (20/04/2019): “Steve was very welcoming and thorough in his assessment of my finances and offered a holistic approach to my financial situation. Steve was clear from the offset that the initial meeting was to give him an idea of how he could help me going forward and at no time did I feel I was under any obligation to sign up to the products he offered. He comes across as a genuinely nice guy and I would definitely recommend anyone to have an informal chat with Steve to see how he could help you.”

Mr. and Mrs. L. of Blackburn, Lancashire (08/04/2019): “Steve went through my pensions thoroughly and gave me lots of advice and help in respect of an application … with regards to a prospective pension transfer. He also gave me lots of financial advice for the future. He was incredibly helpful and drew diagrams all along the way to help explain to my wife and I in more detail how everything worked. He also completed all the paperwork on my behalf to make things easier. He is extremely efficient and has an incredible wealth of knowledge that you could possibly hope for in a financial adviser. There is nothing he could have done better. He went far and beyond with his help and advice.”

Ms. O. of Brighton, East Sussex (29/03/2019): “I am delighted with the service I receive, the thoroughness of how my portfolio is handled and the proactive advice I am given. In my mind and experience, there is nothing that Ribble Wealth Management and their team (David, Steve and Emma) can improve on my behalf.”

Mr. and Mrs. H. of Skipton, North Yorkshire (25/03/2019): “We have enjoyed a professional and personal service since the inception of Ribble Wealth Management. The same excellent service has been provided for many years previously, not forgetting Emma.”

Mr. and Mrs. R. of Wigan, Lancashire (14/11/2018): “We have had a long family contact with Ribble Wealth Management Limited and have always been dealt with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. We look forward to many more years together.”

Mr. and Mrs. H. of Preston, Lancashire (13/11/2018): “You keep in contact, letting us know what is happening and are always available for any queries. A very good and professional service. Thank you.”

Mrs. T. of Burnley, Lancashire (01/11/2018): “I think your services are excellent and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.”

Mr. and Mrs. H. of Blackpool, Lancashire (26/09/2018): “Great service; would highly recommend Ribble Wealth Management Limited.”

Mrs. C. of Burnley, Lancashire (21/08/2018): “My adviser, Mr. Steven Crowe, is extremely professional, with many years’ experience. He gives sound advice and explains terms patiently, politely and clearly to the client, providing all the necessary information and documentation with alacrity. I have been greatly impressed by this attention to detail and the information provided. I can highly recommend him for his integrity and the trust he inspires in his clients.”

Mr. H. of Cardiff, Glamorgan (10/08/2018): “I have been dealing with Steve Crowe for many years and have always been more than satisfied with his advice and service.”

Mrs. W. of Burnley, Lancashire (29/06/2018): “I feel that in-depth research and investigation forms the basis of advice given to a client by Ribble Wealth Management. I find the advice to be sound, of the highest standard and totally impartial, plus it is always presented in a very professional manner. The members of staff are helpful, approachable and extremely competent. I can think of no way in which their services could be improved upon. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Ribble Wealth Management to family and friends.”

Mrs. H. of Burnley, Lancashire (01/06/2018): “I felt like a load had been lifted off my shoulders when my options were explained and acted upon for my financial future.”

Mr. and Mrs. C. of Evesham, Worcestershire (08/03/2018): “As always, we feel very well looked after and are pleased and reassured by the advice we received at our recent meeting.”

Mr. and Mrs. C. of Wallasey, Merseyside (22/02/2018): “We always have confidence in the advice and service offered.”

Mr. D. of Manchester (21/02/2018): “Ribble Wealth Management is by far the best financial service which I have ever dealt with! I am grateful always for their attention and advice. I am always impressed with their efficiency of action. I commend them by name to others wherever possible and appropriate.”

Mr. and Mrs. L. of Preston, Lancashire (09/02/2018): “It is obvious that your service is extremely professional.”

Mrs. E. of Nelson, Lancashire (31/01/2018): “I have always been completely happy with services received and particularly grateful for the help received since being widowed.”

Mr. and Mrs. R. of Wigan, Lancashire (03/11/2017): “We always find everyone very friendly and professional. Advice given has always been sound.”

Miss G. of Burnley, Lancashire (19/08/2017): “Excellent service from a knowledgeable team.”

Mrs. H. of Blackpool, Lancashire (14/08/2017): “Service always excellent, very thorough, speedy feedback, nothing is too much trouble. Would recommend Ribble Wealth.”

Mr. and Mrs. M. of Bury, Lancashire (18/07/2017): “My wife and I enjoy the full and explicit explanation and reasoning given by Ribble Wealth with regard to our investments, enabling us to fully understand what to us is a complex subject.”

Mrs. N. of Southport, Lancashire (15/06/2017): “All contact I’ve had so far has been friendly, courteous and very informative.”

Miss R. of Tonbridge, Kent (02/05/2017): “I always enjoy my meetings with Dave. He is extremely patient and always explains everything to me in a way that I can understand, given my own personal fears of finance! He is reassuring and I feel he honestly has my best interests at heart.”

Mrs. O. of Brighton, East Sussex (13/03/2017): “I wish to thank you for all the care and attention you have taken re: my portfolio and investments. Your diligence, on my behalf, is manifest by the significant growth I had the immense pleasure of hearing about on my annual review this week. You have my sincere thanks and gratitude.”

Mr. C. of Rishton, Lancashire (30/01/2017): “I am extremely pleased with the service I receive and the prompt advice I get.”

Dr. and Mrs. C. of Barnoldswick, Lancashire (12/12/2016): “Very efficient, professional and friendly comfortable service from all members of the team.”

Mr. D. of Didsbury, Greater Manchester (08/12/2016): “Experience with you for more than seven years has confirmed what seems to be a wholly trustworthy experience with trustworthy advice. This is worth an awful lot!”

Mr. and Mrs. P. of Uckfield, East Sussex (09/11/2016): “A very serious subject but it’s like being advised by a friend not by an aloof and distant advisor and we like that.”

Mrs. A. of Southport, Lancashire (17/10/2016): “I am extremely satisfied with all the services that you have provided for me over the past few years. I cannot envisage anyway that you could improve any aspect. I am very impressed by the friendly, approachable and professional manner and attitude of all your team and I would just like to thank you all and wish you all good luck in 2017.”

Mr. G. of Leyland, Lancashire (03/10/2016): “Fantastic service, felt very relaxed and everything was explained perfectly. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to friends and family, many thanks.”

Mr. and Mrs. P. of Padiham, Lancashire (05/09/2016): “Over the years Mr. Crowe has always provided us with a very good service, thank you.”

Mr. L. of Colne, Lancashire (09/08/2016): “Knowledgeable principals and staff, inspiring confidence.”

Mr. and Mrs. D. of Accrington, Lancashire (09/06/2016): “Over the years the adviser has been very good with a full explanation. The client is not pushed into decisions.”

Mr. B. of Worthing, West Sussex (08/06/2016): “David did a fantastic job for me in my last employer and was the reason I tracked him down personally when I learnt he no longer worked at [his previous company]. I have introduced him to my new boss and hope he will be able to assist my new employer as he did for my previous one.”

Mr. and Mrs. G. of Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire (31/05/2016): “Steven makes the investment procedure easier to understand – knows his stuff!! Emma always courteous and helpful.”

Mr. and Mrs. R. of Accrington, Lancashire (31/05/2016): “The structure of Ribble Wealth seems very professional and up to date.”

Mrs. A. of Southport, Lancashire (20/04/2016): “One extremely satisfied customer, always has been!! I cannot see any way in which you could possibly improve your service. Thanks to you all. Good luck and best wishes in your new company.”

Mrs. I. of Warrington, Cheshire (11/04/2016): ”Without Steve Crowe and John Nixon I would be lost.”